Study: Vaping Curbs Weight Gain When Quitting Smoking


It looks like there’s one more reason for smokers to switch to vaping: weight maintenance.

KCBS, a news outlet located in San Francisco, is reporting that researchers have come together for a new study. Now it seems that the group may have just discovered that switching to vaping may help smokers avoid the dreaded weight gain that’s associated with quitting smoking.

The study, which was published earlier this month in the journal Nicotine and Tobacco Research, is titled “Could vaping be a new weapon in the battle of the bulge?” and is seen as the first study of its kind to answer the question of weight gain in relation to vaping. Respected researchers from both the United Kingdom and New Zealand have contributed to the study, and the results, so far, are encouraging.

Both vapers and smokers alike may not be aware that nicotine is the reason for appetite suppression. Nicotine is also known to have an effect on metabolism. That’s why smokers traditionally gain a little bit of weight when they stop smoking.

This weight gain is also the reason why many smokers don’t quit smoking; they’re afraid of gaining weight.

However, with nicotine and synthetic nicotine both available in hundreds of e-liquid flavors, this isn’t something that smokers will have to worry about anymore. In fact, choosing to switch to vaping could be just what smokers need, especially since they can lower their amount of nicotine as they progress on their path to becoming nicotine-free.

As Linda Bauld, co-author of the study and the deputy director of the U.K. Centre for Tobacco and Alcohol Studies, put it when interviewed by the Guardian: “People can change their nicotine content, so to quit smoking they might start off on a higher-strength e-liquid and then they can taper down really quite gradually in a much more sophisticated way than they can with NRT, which is probably good for weight maintenance and for weight loss.”

Another benefit from switching to vaping was reported by Mic, which stated that the broad spectrum of e-liquid flavors may actually help with food cravings. From sweet to savory flavors, vapors have their choice of what their e-liquids taste like, lowering the need to snack between meals.

“You are refilling the e-liquids, you might be mixing your own liquids, you are trying different flavors, you are doing things with your hands that take up time, which means maybe you are not reaching for the bowl of M&Ms,” Bauld explained when discussing how vaping could limit snacking in traditional smokers.

While this may be great news for traditional smokers who want to quit, vaping is still not recommended for non-smokers who want to stay slim. The results for nonsmokers is minimal at best, and for those who aren’t used to nicotine, it could be an unpleasant experience.

This study is the first of many that will review the correlation, if any, between vaping and smoking as it pertains to nicotine. There is still so much more research that needs to be done, and this publication will keep you updated as the results are released.

Dustin has been vaping for almost a decade. He found e-cigarettes in 2008 and quickly became drawn to them as an early adopter. He's been writing reviews ever since and has established himself as a well-versed authority on the subject.

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