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Great Price on 2 of the best 18650 batteries available for vaping

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Smok's Intelligent 4 Slot Charger is made to be highly portable without sacrificing power

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Discounted Sony VTC5 18650 20A 2600mAh Battery 2 Pack

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Unless you’re one of the few vapers who use vape pens or all-in-one devices, you know the importance of batteries and the chargers that keep them alive. In fact, that’s why you landed on this page; you know how critical it is to get the right battery to power your mod and the charger that can give your battery juice. We like to remind ourselves that mods won’t work without a battery to power them.

But do we really need an entire page dedicated to batteries and chargers? Is it really that serious? Can’t you use just any battery?

You know as well as we do that it absolutely matters. Most mods come with specifications about what kind of batteries can be used with the system, and some even require that more than one battery be used to power the device. Use the wrong battery and accidents can happen, so always make sure you are using the right battery for your setup.

While batteries are an important part of your setup, you’ll also find that they can be expensive, especially if your mod requires the use of two or more batteries. They can run you between $25 to $35 at list price, which can start to add up if you regularly switch out your batteries. That can start to add up in costs if you do your due diligence and throw out batteries that have peeling sleeves or no longer work.

We regularly feature deals on Sony, Samsung, and LG batteries which can vary from 2100mAh to 3000mAh, all at around 30 percent off. These deals are great, especially if you need to pick up new batteries, and it also saves you the trouble of having to go through each vape shop to find the best discounts; we’ve done that work for you.

Because vape mods run on rechargeable batteries, that means you’ll also need a battery charger. You can find an average battery charger for around $25, but as a responsible vaper, you’re going to want an intelligent charger. This means that a battery charger will not only optimize charging for different types of batteries, it can also stop your battery from being overcharged. This is a common situation that can lead to shorter life spans for batteries and may even cause problems with your mod.

Smart battery chargers are a great buy, but they’re also pretty expensive, especially if you’re considering picking up one that can charge four or more batteries at the same time. That’s why we also feature battery chargers like the ones from Efest. These are well-reviewed and tested by our team, so we know they work, and they can also be discounted by as much as 33 percent, which is a great bargain for this high-quality machines.

Like the rest of our deal pages, you’ll find products listed by featured deals, latest deals, and recently expired deals. This is to ensure that you know what goes on sale and when; we make it even easier for you by always listing a countdown timer of when our deals expire. We also make sure to include the list price and discounted price so you’re aware of how much you’re saving.

Batteries aren’t the coolest part about having a vape setup, but they are important for ensuring that your setup is safe and runs smoothly. We hope that by offering deals on a variety of different batteries types and chargers, we’re letting you in on the biggest deals on the internet. Check back often if the type of battery you need isn’t currently listed; our deals change on a weekly basis and we’re always on the lookout for feature deals.

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