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A vape deal isn’t real unless it’s on a product from a respected brand. That’s how we feel about it, anyway, because we know we wouldn’t look at deals from unknown vape brands. We’re sure you won’t either.

That’s why our vape deals come from trusted brands, like the ones listed below. We’ve put a lot of time and effort to bring you the best sales on the products you use the most, especially on hardware and accessories. Take a look at some of the brands we have listed on a regular basis.


KangerTech continues to be one of the top brands for every type of vaper, but especially for beginner vapers. In fact, most of us here at the office began our vape journey with a Kanger starter kit.

This brand is reliable and trusted for its vape experience. With mods that range from temperature control to VV/VW, rechargeable and exchangeable batteries and more, the quality is always consistent. You can count on KangerTech for a solid vaping experience that improves with each new mod you pick up from the brand.

That’s why we always stop by KangerTech for deals on their hardware. With TC mods and starter kits generally on sale, we strive to make sure you have a first-hand look at what hardware has been discounted. We also make sure you know exactly when the deal ends so you never miss out on a deal on something you really want to try.


Aspire products are a fan-favorite. From the advanced box mods to the Cleito Coil tanks, you will find that every vaper has at least one product from this well-known quality brand. You probably have products yourself that you didn’t realize came from Aspire.

This brand is known for making great TC and VV/VW mods, advanced mods for experienced vapers, sub ohm tanks, and starter kits, but what it’s best known for are the tanks and coils. The Cleito coils are some of the best on the market and even the most specific of vapers will tell you that it’s a must have for a great vaping experience.

Because Aspire is one of the most common brands, it should come as no surprise that we list deals from them regularly. We know how important it is to have the tanks and mods you use the most available at affordable prices, and this page is where you can find all of that information. And who knows? You may find a new mod for up to 75 percent off the list price.


Smok isn’t known for taking a backseat when it comes to technology. This is a brand that is focused on bringing you the functionality that the newest advancements in vaping can offer you. As a bonus, you also get unique aesthetics to go along with your purchase.

Whether you’re in the market for a box mod with programmable LED lights or a kit that features a RDTA and mode control for your perfect vaping session, you can’t go wrong with Smok.

But the prices can get a bit steep for Smok. That’s why we make it a point to check the brand for any promotions they’re running. When we find some we think you’ll enjoy, it goes up on this page. And most of the time, you can find kits and mods for less than $100, which is a great savings in and of itself. For more bargains, scroll down and see what we found for you.


For vapers who don’t believe in sparing expense when it comes to their vape setups, there’s Sigelei. This powerhouse of a brand features rebuildables, RTA and RDTA tanks, compact mods, and accessories. It sometimes even offers promotions on its site, which is where we come in.

We know you love vape technology. From apps that control the mode and other features right from your smart device to finding rebuildable tanks for the perfect vapor cloud production, you care about technology and quality in your hardware.

Sigelei may be more expensive than most brands, but they also know that promotions and deals go a long way with their customer base. That’s why we take a peek at the brand site often in order to bring new deals to your attention. With savings of up to 81 percent off, it’s worth a look around, don’t you think?


It’s true: we have a soft spot for Wismec. We could go on about how much we love the hardware coming from this brand, but that could turn into a romance novel, and why bother? We’d rather talk about the immense savings you could get from this brand.

The thing about Wismec is that while it may not be the brand you start off your vape journey with, you will most likely end up owning at least one piece of hardware with the name on it. It’s unavoidable; most advanced vapers move on from beginner mod kits to trying Wismec because it gives you superior performance, the ability to change your vape mod, and is known for excellent vapor production.

So while Wismec can seem out of your price range at times, especially when it releases a new product, the brand also puts their hardware on sale regularly. We make it a point to check the site on a bi-weekly basis so you never miss out on a sale. And with deals changing regularly, the chances are good that your next new mod will be on sale by Wismec very soon.

We know that brands matter. It’s not just brand loyalty, it’s an understanding that some brands are just consistently better with quality, firmware updates, and listening to their customers’ concerns, wants and needs. Brands are nothing without the customers that continue to support them.

While supporting brands is great at retail price, sometimes we all need a little incentive to try out a new product or brand. That’s where the deals come in; you’re more likely to give a trusted brand a chance if you know you’re getting their products at a discounted price. And when you’re talking about spending money for better vape sessions, these brands all know that a deal can make vaping much sweeter.

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