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When it comes to finding a knowledgeable and respected brand in the world of vaping, Aspire continues to be the first name we come up with. This brand is known for its hardware, building mods and kits to fit nearly every need, but also offers a selection of e-liquids as well as a blog and forum for its customers. It’s an incredible brand, one that has proven time and again that vapers don’t need to sacrifice quality or eloquence when looking for a good vaping experience.

Aspire is best known for, you guessed it, the kits that it provides. From single battery to dual battery and in a variety of shapes and colors, Aspire does its best to build kits that will please even the most experienced of vapers. However, these kits cater towards those vapers who are just beginning to use the mods; this is because these kits are simple to use and easy to troubleshoot. The brand even offers support right online, allowing new vapers to ask questions and get information even before they make their purchase.

The brand also offers tube and box mods, allowing vapers to choose whether or not they use mods with a built-in battery or removable battery. Products like the NX75 CNC Edition and the Pegasus are popular box mods, and the CF VV+ and CF G-Power are popular tube mods. All come with the quality and beauty that vapers have come to expect from Aspire, and all are backed by the expertise of the brand’s engineers and staff.

Aspire is also known for its incredible slate of tanks, most of which are used heavily by the majority of vapers. It’s no wonder; the brand continuously uses advancements in vape technology to bring out better versions of their most popular tanks, ensuring that each tank is perfected for both flavor and vapor production. Tanks like the Atlantis, Cleito, and the Nautilus are all seen by the vape community as the gold standard for vape tanks and can hold between two and four milliliters of e-liquid, which is perfect for a vape session.

The brand, interestingly, also covers two types of accessories: their own brand of batteries and its patented RTA system. The battery cells range from 1100mAh to 4300mAh, and come in 18350, 18650, and 26650 sizes, making them perfect for any type of Aspire mod.

The RTA system, on the other hand, is Aspire’s most famous contribution to vaping. This is a dual-coil coil deck that boasts high performance in both cloud production and flavoring. You can only find this system at Aspire, and for advanced vapers, it is a must-have product.

And we can’t forget the fact that Aspire is now making a selection of e-liquids. These are handcrafted liquids made in California and come in three flavors: Cinnamon Funnel Cake, Honey Dew Melon, and Double Apple Cinnamon. While the line of flavors is small, these flavors pack a punch, as we found out in the office last week.

For vapers who are new to vaping, Aspire is the best brand to start with. The brand’s site hosts its own forum, enabling experts to help vapers with any questions or for the brand to have engagement with its customers, as well as tutorials. And with the highly-curated selection of products, Aspire is definitely the first place any vaper should look for incredible hardware.

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