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Joyetech has always held a special place in our hearts. For many of us, we began our vape journey with a Joyetech vape kit; for others, we discovered the brand after trying one of its e-liquids. Whichever way we came to the brand, we’re glad it exists and we can’t see a world where it’s not part of the vape industry.

Joyetech got its start as the maker of atomizers and mods. The brand sells over two dozen different products and kits, each specially made for a particular vape session. Do you love the feeling of holding a pipe in your hand but don’t want to smoke tobacco? Try the Elitar pipe. Are you looking for a mobile way to vape at work or when out with friends? The eGo AIO Pro or the Unimax 22 are great alternatives. Looking for a compact mod? Try the Cuboid mini kit. We could list them all, but these are just some of the most popular kits available from the brand today.

Joyetech is also known for its atomizers. From the ProCore series to the Cubis series, these atomizers come in a range of mL sizes and functions. You can easily find a sub-ohm, RTA, or RDA atomizer right on the store’s website; if you need help figuring out which atomizer is right for you, just reach out to support for help. They’re always ready to lend a hand.

For vapers who regularly vape while out, the accessories tab has a lot to offer. There are two versions of carrying cases, batteries, an RC adapter, and more, all available for sale. There’s even an accessory called the Avatar Vapenut, which is an air purifier that can be used inside an office or in your car in order to provide fresh and clean air to you, even while you’re vaping.

If you’re looking for e-liquids, Joyetech has also got you covered in this area. The brand has dozens of flavors which can be browsed based on flavor profile, including tobacco, fruit, herbal, drinks, and desserts. The brand also just released a premium flavor line, which focuses on mature flavors like coffee, and tobacco, so there’s something for everyone.

One of our favorite parts about Joyetech is their dedication to their customers. The brand hosts its own forum online for new and existing customers, and experts answer questions and offer tutorials and giveaways. That’s right: this brand offers giveaways right from its website; be advised, though, most of these competitions and giveaways require some sort of social interaction. The forum also offers news on regulations, including TDP regulations, making it a great resource for not just customers, but journalists and politicians as well.

Joyetech continues to be a great brand to stay in contact within the vape industry. By offering a variety of products, including e-liquids and atomizers, and staying socially engaged with its consumer base, the brand is showing that listening to customers can make the brand even better. We’re just hoping that Joyetech can keep up with demand for bigger and better products; we’ll have to wait and see.

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