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We don’t know of anyone who’s been vaping for a month who hasn’t heard of Kangertech, and that’s for a good reason: Kanger is the single best-known vape brand in the country. One of the first on the market after vaping was discovered in 2008, Kanger continues to the gold standard of vape products, including vape mods, batteries, and accessories.

It is possible to buy an entire vape kit or just buy individual products from Kanger because they do it all. Atomizers, mods, batteries, coils, and accessories can be bought together or apart, depending on your needs. From the famous KBOX MOD and the Juppi Starter Kit to the DOTA RDTA tank and the Kanger Subdrip Replacement coils, you can find anything and everything you could ever need for vape hardware.

But while Kanger is known for housing all the different parts for a mod, it is best known for its kits. In fact, these kits are generally the first purchases for beginner vapers. This is because all of the kits available for sale, from the TOGO Mini Starter Kit to the DRIPEZ Starter Kit, are built with one thing in mind: make the vape experience as easy as possible for the customer.

That’s why Kanger not only offers all the specifications for all of its products upfront, the brand makes sure to offer warranties on starter kits, clearomizers, batteries, mods, and power adapters. You can also get in touch with Kanger support via social media, utilizing Facebook, Twitter, or even Skype. No matter your issue with your Kanger purchase, the brand will do everything in its power to ensure that you are happy with your purchase.

And while Kanger is busy making its own branded products, it has also recently come out with a new series, known as Arymi. This is an incredible selection of products that use Kanger technology to bring you new and exciting features, all encased in a brand-new signature style. You can find kits, mods, and accessories that are all made to fit the Arymi series, and all are available at an affordable price point.

If you purchase directly from the Kanger site, you will find a wealth of information that corresponds to Kangertech purchases. Depending on the country that you are purchasing from, you will find shipping and customs fees listed. There is also information on wholesale products and distributor fees; a location map is available as well to let you know where you can buy authentic Kanger products. This is a great help because there are many copycats out in the vape industry, and it’s important to know you have an authentic product.

There is a lot of debate about Kanger, most of which comes from advanced vapers like us who are always trying to encourage new vapers to try out its products. This is because we know the brand, we trust the products, and we want every vaper to have a good experience. And in the end, that’s exactly what Kangertech offers: a great vape experience at a reasonable price.

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