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Smok, a name we in the vape industry know well. This is a social media-friendly and dedicated-to-design brand that cares just as much about vaping as you do. We are in love with the mods and atomizers and we know that once you read about it, you will too. In fact, you may decide to browse the site halfway through our little spiel just to take a look for yourself. Well, let’s get started, shall we?

Smok, like a lot of other brands, knows that most of its customers are introduced to the brand through its vape kits. From vape pens to dual-battery kits, you will find the kit that will start you on your vape experience right here. Choose from the G-Priv, AL85, Stick V8, or the Stick AIO to get started and learn a little about vaping as you go along; the brand includes a “getting started” pamphlet with every kit so you’re never lost on what to do.

For more advanced vapers, you can choose your own mod and build your kit. Smok is known for its X Cube II and the Treebox, both of which are excellent products that we own. These are machines that offer temperature control, something that intermediate and experienced vapers will be fond of; the mods also offer intelligent coil recognition, meaning you don’t have to manually program your device to recognize your coil. You just pop it in and go. That’s pretty cool.

But the brand offers more than just mods; it offers complete control. What we mean by that is Smok has gone one step further than most brands and have built a programming tool for the X Cube II that allows you to control your mod from your computer. As of right now, this only works with Windows, but an update for Mac users is expected in the near future.

Also available is the Smart BEC App. This is a Smok-patented app that allows users the chance to upgrade their firmware from their smart device. You can find all sorts of things on the app, including a forum, a map to see where you vape the most so you can keep track of your habits, and a mode control panel. That’s right, you can choose between five different vaping modes, right from your smart phone.

Smok also has its own line of atomizers, each that come with different colors and features. You can choose between the VCT, TCT, and TFV4, but most people go for the Baby Beast, the brand’s most popular product. This atomizer gives you a lot of vapor production in a tiny atomizer, which is perfect for cloud chasers.

Smok is a tried-and-true favorite for any and every vaper. Although it might take time to get used to all the features the products are capable of, it’s definitely a worthwhile investment. And since you’re already reading about it, go ahead and check out the products. We’re sure you’ll find at least one thing to pique your interest.

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