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FastTech is a vaper’s dream. Anything you can think of for the vaping experience, you can find right here. There are thousands of products listed, from a variety of vape mods and disposables to products that let you build your own tanks and mods. This is a site built for vapers who know exactly what type of vape experience they want.

One of our favorite parts of Fast Tech is the fact that the shop offers disposable e-cigarettes. For vapers who don’t want to carry around their custom mods, this is a great alternative; disposable e-cigarettes are small, compact, and easy to use. And if you get a kit, you can even charge your disposable in the case on the while out, eliminating the need for charging the kit in the car. Fast Tech has its own variety of disposables, but you can also find Nexx and Forbo disposables as well.

If you’re looking for e-liquids, FastTech has your bases covered; there are over 13,000 e-liquids currently listed on the shop. You can shop by volume, from 10mL to 500mL; nicotine level, from zero mg to 24 mg; and even by brand. Almost every popular brand is listed in the shop, including O.M.G., Naked, Cloud Boy, and more. Whatever flavor you like and whatever nicotine level you vape, you can find it right here at FastTech.

Beginner vapers can find starter kits here as well. The shop sells their own range of mod kits, all of which are affordably priced, while other brands also make an appearance. Smoktech, KangerTech, and Eleaf mod kits are all available, as are some mechanical mods, including the VGOD Elite kit. With a price range between $20 and $80, there’s a mod kit for every budget and every vaping preference.

There are a variety of other mods for intermediate to advanced vapers as well. Temperature, variable voltage/wattage, hybrid, and mechanical mods are all sold at FastTech from various well-known and prestige brands. With over 8,000 mods to choose from, you might find yourself staring down the barrel of specifications for each mod you like just to ensure you get the ultimate vaping experience.

Of course, if you’re used to building your own coils and like to have a hand in building your own mod, you’re going to need a shop that fits your needs. Well, FastTech is perfect for you then: the shop has everything you need to build your own coil, including winders, wicks, coil heads, tanks, atomizers, and more. Everything is reasonably priced and you get worldwide free shipping to go along with your purchase.

In fact, Fast Tech offers vape solutions for vapers all over the world; chargers, drip tanks, mods, stands, and starter kits are made for vapers from the US, the UK, Europe, and Australia. It’s even possible to find adapters for mod chargers as well. And since every product comes from well-established brands, you’ll know that the product you purchase is legal to import into your country.

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