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Mt. Baker Vapor is a favorite among vapers and is easily one of the top five vape shops to visit when looking for e-liquids or hardware. How could it not be? With a commitment to its brand of bringing the best e-liquid to its customer base and selling great hardware to go along with it, you can’t go wrong with browsing its shop.

Vape liquid is the reason everyone shops at Mt. Baker Vapor. With over 100 flavors to their name, all at extremely affordable prices, it’s no wonder. You can get a 240mL bottle of a juice for around $40; 30mL bottles regularly go for around $8. And not only can you choose the size of bottle you receive, it’s also possible to choose your PG/VG ratio and your nicotine level. That’s a level of commitment to customization that you just don’t see very often in vape shops, but Mt. Baker Vapor offers it just for you.

While we’re on the subject of e-liquid, let’s make one thing clear: while it is possible to spend an hour on the site shop and only pick up Mt. Baker Vapor e-liquids, you’re also going to find dozens of other e-liquid brands available for purchase as well. Bang Bang Vape Co, Cloud Mod, Drip Line, and Naked Fish all make an appearance, and flavors can range from menthol to dessert to tobacco to liquor. You will find whatever type of e-juice you need at any level of nicotine right here.

Mt. Baker Vapor is also known for something very special: flavor shots. These small bottles of e-liquid are super-concentrated flavor liquids that you actually add to other e-liquids. You want an extra shot of Beast Treats in your juice? You can do that. Do you have a bottle of tobacco e-liquid that could use a shot of blueberry? Give the blueberry flavor shot a try. The great thing about flavor shots is that you only need a few drops to make the flavor pop; a 15mL bottle can last you months. Isn’t that great?

We all know Mt. Baker Vapor as an e-liquid company; that’s how they got their start. But did you know you can buy hardware from the shop as well? That’s right: the shop sells everything from Innokin to Eleaf starter kits; they also sell advanced kits, regulated and unregulated devices, batteries, atomizers, drip tips, tanks, and replacement coils. You can even pick up rebuilding supplies if you need them.

In case you want to show off your love for Mt. Baker Vapor, there’s also a gear tab. The shop sells hats, shirts, and decals, all emblazoned with shop’s logo. Now you can take your passion with you wherever you go.

Mt. Baker Vapor is one of our top five favorite vape shops and it should be ones of yours too. Not only is the shop known for great customer service and exceptional products at affordable prices, it is a great resource for vapers. You can get loyalty points for shopping with them, learn more about vaping, and even shop from their own app. All in all, it’s a shop that you should try shopping at for the e-liquids alone.

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