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V2 Cigs by VMR Products has become a global force in the vapor technology marketplace since 2009 and is one of our favorites. Their fantastic selection of highly reliable electronic cigarettes has rightfully earned them plenty of loyal vaping customers. The brands V2, V2 Pro, and Vapor Couture are in In fact all the VRM product lines.

Most noteworthy of the V2’s is that a smooth and consistent vaping experience in maintained throughout their entire product line. This company is serious about every detail. In fact, they design, produce, distribute an unprecedented selection of electronic cigarettes, prefilled cartridges, e-liquids, and vaporizers. As one of the largest retailers worldwide they are famous for products that perform well and here is why?

The V2 Cigs batteries have a top charge capacity of 4.2 volts, which in turn allows the production of more vapor than most others in this class. They take a unique magnetic approach to managing its electrical connections, which increases the V2’s power. It aims for the best of both worlds: a high-quality, versatile, portable vape that won’t cost a small fortune.

Best of all V2 Cigs’ starter kits are available in any price range. They offer fantastic deals on their kits and whether you are looking for beginner starter kits or more advanced vaping devices, they have something to offer that will suit your style. The wow factor for most is the fact that V2 Cigs offers vapors a multi-functional products line.

The original and EX-model V2 Starter Kits are specifically designed to be easy to use for long time smokers to finally make the switch. The ease of use and stylish designs make these kits very popular.  They are also some of the most economical kits on the market with special deals waiting for you today.

The V2 Pro line includes the Series 3, Series 7, Series 3X, and Series 9 products. The V2 Pro Series 3 vaporizer is attractive ingeniously designed and promises great flexibility and power for a surprisingly low cost. Dubbing itself ‘the 3-in-1 vaporizer’ the V2 Pro Series will surely please those seeking flexibility that can handle e-liquid, wax and even dry herbs.

The Series 7 also comes standard with all 3 types of cartridges including e liquid, dry herb, and wax. It features temperature settings of low, medium and high so you have complete control of your device. Its tank capacity has been upgraded in this series for those who want to store more and the battery life was greatly extended in this model.

Finally, the series 9 product line gives you the most flexibility to vape how you want by allowing you the ability to customize the voltage and the temperature to your liking. It features a touchscreen app and is also Bluetooth compatible. This makes it easy to change the voltage, temperature, air-flow, and cut-off time. Now, the charger is also completely magnetic and it features an extended battery life to keep you vaping longer.

See why V2 has sold to over 1 Million Satisfied Customers and why we can’t recommend them enough. Get ready to experience the V2. It has powerful vapor production, great taste, and a broad range of flavors. Enjoy using their kits and take a peek at some of the other great products they offer. They are constantly offering new innovative batteries, superior designed cartridges, and kits for anybody’s needs. The product innovation and cartridge quality will have you hooked.

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