The Basics of Steeping Your E-Liquid


Sometimes, you’ll break the seal on a brand new bottle, put some in your tank, and start vaping – then it hits you. The flavor is just too bland, something just doesn’t hit right. You want to make the taste stronger, but you don’t know how. Fortunately, the process of steeping your e-liquid can help you out.

E-liquid steeping is the process of letting the liquid rest in a certain way that brings the inherent flavors of the juice out over time. There are a huge number of methodologies behind the process of steeping (and even more popping up every day), and with good reason. Steeping gives you the flavors that the creators intended you to taste.

One of the most basic ways to steep your e-liquid is that of the original steep. This method requires you to vigorously shake the bottle – of course, make sure the lid is on tightly before shaking – and place the bottle in a cool, dark spot in your home or wherever you prefer to vape. Leave it for anywhere between five days and a week, then come back and repeat the process at least twice more. You may have already noticed that this process takes about three weeks if done correctly.

Don’t panic – steeping does require plenty of patience. You may be asking yourself: why does steeping take so long? The answer lies in the actual compounds that make up the tastes and sensations you receive from the juice. E-liquid flavorings, at their most basic, are just chemical compounds. These compounds can interact with other compounds that are present in the juice. For example, a flavor could be a combination of two different fruits. Each fruit will have one or multiple flavor compounds that make up the true flavor of the fruit. However, one of these compounds from one of the fruit flavors might weakly bond with a flavor from the other fruit. This’ll eliminate that part of the flavor from both fruits, and will make that specific flavor slightly blander.

Thankfully, this process can be reversed. By shaking the bottle, you are breaking some of the weak bonds that these molecules have made. Furthermore, you’re mixing up the contents of the bottle, a bottle that has probably not been opened for quite a while. You’re also introducing oxygen into the liquid, which aerates it in a similar manner to wine.

Once you try steeping your e-liquids, you’ll never go back. After a few times steeping your juices, you’ll become a professional. The flavors in your juices will be smoother, richer, and higher quality. While it does take time and patience, steeping’s absolutely worth the waiting time involved.

Jason was a former smoker and is now a current vaper(down to 3% nic). He's trying to change the vaping stereotype one post at a time.

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  1. jim friel says:

    Good and informative article. Keep it up and keep on vaping.

  2. Carl Barton says:

    Great post, steeping is fantastic and bringing out flavours and helping you get the most from your liquids

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