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Vaping Tricks Background

People have been doing smoke tricks for as long as they’ve been smoking. But the growth of the vaping industry has lead to a renaissance of vape tricks that are more intricate and mesmerizing than anything seen in the past. Whether it’s simply updated classics or entirely new moves, vapers everywhere have been pushing the boundaries of cool vape tricks. It’s not uncommon to see vape trick artists, or cloud chasers as they’re known, share new tricks at local vape shops.

Often cloud chasers who wish to test their skills and enter vape trick competitions held at local shops. The best of the best eventually make their way to best trick competitions held at vape expos and fairs where sponsors can see the action up close. But making it that far requires plenty of hard practice. It’s important to note that professional cloud chasers do their tricks using either nicotine free or extremely low nicotine e-liquids. Otherwise, the amount of nicotine inhaled could become dangerous.

With that in mind, we made this guide to help anyone get started doing vape tricks. No one is great from the start, so it’s important to learn from those who have done the legwork before you. We’ll begin with a detailed overview of how to do some of the best easy vape tricks. These are a great way to get your feet wet before moving on to more difficult vape smoke tricks. We’ll then go over a couple of advanced smoke tricks that will help you start to impress your friends. We’re also going to go over some of the most talented vape artists in the game:

  • Austin Lawrence
  • Manny Urzua
  • Titus Edwards
  • Zach Berge
  • The Japan Trick Factory

It’s not easy becoming a real cloud chaser, but with enough time and effort, you’ll be blowing clouds like the best of them.

Beginners Vape Tricks (Level: Easy)

How to make smoke rings/vape rings

The most common vape trick is probably vape rings. You’ve seen it everywhere from movies to TV, but perfecting this move can be harder than it looks. It’s easy enough to start, take a deep pull from your vaporizer and keep it in the back of your throat. Your tongue should be firmly at the bottom of your mouth, slightly back from its normal position. The next step is making an “O” shape with your mouth and forcing short bursts of air out from your throat. The best way to imagine this is similar to what happens when you try to stop yourself mid-cough.

The result is a small puff of vapor being shot through the “O” shape of your lips. If you want a larger smoke ring you have to make your mouth wider as the size of the ring is directly related to the size of your “O” shape. Be sure to practice this move a lot, as more advanced vape tricks tend to use vape rings as a base for complicated maneuvers.

Once you get comfortable doing single smoke rings, you can step it up by spamming or doubling them. Many of the best cloud chasers use both methods to fill a room with small vape rings in a matter of seconds. This is accomplished by doing the same things you’d do for a single ring, but instead, place a single finger over the middle of your “O” shape. This will split the ring and make two smaller ones. To spam them at a ridiculous rate all you need to do is tap the side of your throat while the vapor is still being held there. This method can take some getting use too, but once you nail it, it’s one of the best simple vape tricks you can do to impress your friends.

How to french inhale

Another basic smoke trick that you’ll often see at vape shops is the French inhale. Like blowing smoke rings, the French inhale is nothing new per se. But vaping has expanded this impressive but straightforward trick to make it even more eye-catching. In fact, new twists on this inhale, such as the Bane have become extremely popular.

To do a proper French inhale you must first let the vapor settle in your mouth after a decent sized pull. Slightly open your lips and extend your lower jaw to allow the smoke to escape your mouth. The hard part of this trick is that you must then re-inhale the vapor through your nostrils after it exits your mouth. This does take a bit of trial and error, but most people can figure it out after a bit of practice. To transform your French inhale into a Bane, merely use your teeth to block the vapor, so it’s forced to become several separate trails, giving you that classic Bane look.

How to ghost inhale

Another cool vape trick that is simple to do is called the ghost inhale. Many people wonder if the ghost inhale and the French inhale are the same thing since they require the same basic skills. But the truth is that they’re reasonably different. The ghost inhale often seen as one of the simplest smoke tricks, but to do it correctly is a bit challenging.

The process is simple enough, just inhale a cloud and release a puff of smoke out before sucking it all back in. The trick is to take a big hit and allow the vapor to sit for a second in your mouth before forcing it all out as quickly as possible in one burst. Then all you have to do is collect the escaped vapor by moving your mouth toward the cloud and inhaling.

Advanced Vape Tricks (Level Hard)

Once you get the hang of these vape tricks for beginners, you may be interested in attempting something that requires a bit more skill. Advanced smoke tricks do take a lot more work, but the results are often astounding. Expert cloud chasers can put on an entire show by themselves. So while there are many complicated vape tricks out there, we thought it was best if we started you out with two of the most common advanced vape tricks, the jellyfish vape trick and the vape tornado.

Jellyfish vape trick

One of my absolute favorite vaping tricks is sometimes known as the forcefield or atomic bomb, but it’s most commonly called the Jellyfish vape trick. Like many advanced smoke tricks, the jellyfish requires you can do smoke rings already. Essentially you blow two vape rings of different sizes and have the smaller ring pass through the larger one, so they combine into a shape resembling a jellyfish.

The best way to do this is by blowing the best large smoke ring that you can and immediately placing your palm behind it to slow it down. At this point, you make a smaller ring and blow it through the center of the slowed larger ring. If you’ve done it correctly, the two vape rings will combine and leave a noticeable trail as they move. Some cloud chasers then inhale smaller jellyfish vape tricks back to put a nice final touch, while others leave it lingering or compound tricks together.

Vape tornado

A very cool vape trick that has grown immensely popular with the growth of vaping is known as the vape tornado. As the name suggests, you’re using vapor on a flat surface to recreate a tornado. It takes a while to get down correctly, but the steps themselves are straightforward. Take a tremendous pull from your vaporizer and slowly exhale on a flat surface such as a table. The vapor needs to remain as thick as possible so be sure to move quickly after exhaling. While it’s still sitting on the table, use your hand to chop and flick the vapor up in one fluid motion. As you raise your hand, rotate it, so the smoke begins to twist in a high, tight spiral. Once you get this trick down, you can start chaining other moves to the beginning or end of a solid tornado.

What are the best vapes for tricks?

 When working to perfect your vaping tricks, you may want to consider upgrading your device depending on what you’re using. Regardless of what type of vaporizer you have, the most significant factors on cloud production are the power supply, output, and airflow. Finding the right balance between these three factors takes some testing but is well worth the effort.

Generally speaking, you’ll want to have a box mod that’s powered by two or more batteries. Some newer advanced single and internal battery mods have sufficient power as well. Many advanced cloud chasers opt for unregulated devices since RDA’s tend to work the best. But using unregulated mods requires an intricate knowledge of proper battery care to be used safely, so always be careful. Alternatively, if you’re opting for a regulated mod, it’s best to go for a sub-ohm tank to produce massive clouds.

It takes more than a powerful mod and atomizer to do vape tricks at a high level though. Using only high-quality batteries will help your device handle the strain, especially when they’re cared for properly. As for the coils, it’s less important what they’re made of than it is about how much surface area is in contact with the wicking material. That’s the key to optimizing your coils for cloud chasing.

 What is the best kind of liquid for tricks and cloud chasing?

Probably the simplest change you can make that’ll significantly improve your smoke trick experience is using the right PG/VG balance e-liquid. For doing vape smoke tricks, it’s best to use a VG heavy mixture since the thicker liquid leads to thicker clouds. For practice, a 70/30 VG/PG split is perfectly adequate, but if you compete, then you’re going to want to opt for a max VG liquid.

What tricks can you can do with a Juul

As mentioned, it’s easiest to do vape tricks when using a powerful mod and atomizer combo. But it’s entirely possible to do many of the cool smoke tricks listed with cig-a-like style vaporizers such as the Juul. While the more complicated or heavy vapor tricks are much more difficult with these devices, it doesn’t take much practice to do several smoke tricks correctly with the mini vapes. For instance, French inhales, and ghost inhales are both very easy to pull off using a Juul. It’s even relatively easy to produce smoke rings if you take big enough drags. Ultimately the limit on what vape tricks you can do with a Juul is only limited by your ability to gather a massive amount of vapor in your mouth using one.

Who are the Top Vape Artists?

Austin Lawrence

Probably the most famous of all vape trick artists is Austin Lawrence, better known by his IG handle, @vaustinl. The 23-year-old didn’t earn his reputation through competitions. Instead, he rocketed to stardom via his 1.9 million followers on Instagram alone. Even the uber-famous recording artist, Drake, is one of his many followers, having reached out to Austin for private lessons a while back.

Austin is the co-owner of his vape shop and frequently posts himself doing mesmerizing tricks with the latest liquids and gear. While he’s great at all kinds of tricks, Austin is perhaps most talented with smoke rings, often doing things with rings that no other person can even reasonably repeat. If you’re looking for a true masterclass in vape ring technique, look no further than @vaustinl

Zach Berge

One of the founders of the VGOD brand, Zach Berge is a well-known name in the vaping community. In fact, within a week of posting his first vape smoke trick videos on Vine, Zach went from 75 followers to 75,000. Not long after that he founded VGOD with a group of friends and has since been working on growing it into one of the biggest names in the game. He often posts videos on Instagram of his mind-blowing moves, especially his jellyfish smoke tricks. He says that he’s extremely fortunate to have the opportunity always to be looking forward to his next adventure in representing his brand with his best friends.

Titus Edwards

Titus Edwards, or as he’s known to his 242k followers on Instagram King Titus, has become one of the fastest growing names in vape smoke tricks. He’s only been vaping since 2015 when he started as a way to help him quit smoking. His interest in vape smoke tricks began when a friend showed him a cool vape trick video. That led him to practice and eventually start his Instagram. It didn’t take long for King Titus to earn a reputation in the vaping community, and sponsors began paying him to do tricks with their liquids and vaporizers. Like everyone on the list, King Titus is proficient with all types of skills, but his real talent shines when he’s pulling off incredible splits and merges with his smoke rings.

Manny Urzua

An up and coming name in the world of cool vape tricks is Manny Urzua. While his social media following is still relatively small, this guy has some serious talent with a mod. Manny has proven his place amongst the best of the best by winning the VC Cloud Trick Championship. The Las Vegas-based competition is well known for being the largest prize in all of the competitive vape trick scene.

Like many, Manny started vaping as a way to quit smoking but quickly fell in love with the art and challenge of vaping tricks. He credits vaping with saving his life as well as giving him a new passion and career. Like Austin Lawrence, Manny is also a master of vape rings, but his talent shines when he combines and spams them into dynamic smoke shapes.

Japan Trick Factory

Something a bit different than anything else on our list is the vaping trick team called Japan Trick Factory. They claim to be Japan’s number one vaping tricks team, and it’s easy to see why once you watch a couple of the videos uploaded to their Instagram. Each video is as creative and impressive as the last. They haven’t gotten much exposure outside of Japan yet, but with smoke rings and jellyfish vape tricks like that, they certainly deserve it.

Vape Trick Compilations

General Compilation

Here are some fantastic vape smoke trick compilations to watch for extra motivation as you begin your journey to become a legit cloud chaser.

vAustinL Compilation

The biggest name in cool vape tricks shows you why he firmly holds that title in this compilation posted in April.

Jimmy, lover, blogger, vaper and ex-smoker. I’ve been blogging about and supporting Vaping since 2009. They changed my life and I think history will show them as one of the most significant public health invention of the 21st century.

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