Vaping Tips For Leaking Vape Pods

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There are vape pods that leak and there are vape pods that do not leak. For those that do leak, there are sometimes solutions. In this guide, you will find a number of remedies for leaky pods that you may find useful. Before we get into the solutions, let us first examine the known reasons for leaking vape pods.

The Reasons Why Vape Pods Leak

With various reasons for leaky pods, pinpointing the reason why your pods are leaking can be tricky. Let’s run through some of the known reasons for leaky pods starting with manufacturing defects.

Defective Pods

One of the numerous reasons why you might have a leaky pod is because it was poorly constructed. While most manufacturers have some form of quality control in place to help prevent bad components from reaching their customers, defective pods do manage to slip through the cracks on occasion and reach customers. When a pod is defective, there is not much that one can do outside of replacing it and potentially reaching out to the store that sold it or the manufacturer behind it to request a replacement.

If your pod arrives filled with e-liquid and you happen to see e-liquid inside of the packaging before opening it, there’s a chance that the pod is defective.

Defective Pod Vapes

If it seems like every single pod you insert into your vape is defective, then there’s a chance that it’s your pod vape itself that is to blame and not the pods. A defective pod vape can squeeze pods, causing them to leak. This is not necessarily a common occurrence, but it has been known to happen. If you believe it’s your vape battery that’s causing the problem, you may want to reach out to the device’s manufacturer or the store from which it was purchased to see if they can offer you a replacement device.

User Error

It’s not uncommon for vapers, especially new vapers, to not understand the limitations of their vaping devices. Some might not realize that squeezing a pod from the sides with too much force can cause it to leak vape juice. Others may not realize that vaping too aggressively can overload the coils inside of pods and cause the pods to leak e-juice directly into the vaper’s mouth. Yet another reason why pods sometimes leak is due to vapers biting them or squeezing them with too much force while they’re using them.

For vapers who like to switch back and forth between different pods, there’s a chance that removing and reinserting the pods can damage them, causing them to leak.

Pressure Change

Sudden changes in pressure can cause pods to leak. This can be caused by rapid changes in altitude, such as quickly ascending in a plane. Even moving to a new location, such as a home high up in the mountains, can cause not only your pods to leak but also your e-liquid bottles.

Extreme Humidity

Extremely humid conditions can cause pods to leak. If you live in a humid environment, you may want to consider storing your pods somewhere where you can control the level of humidity.

Solutions For Leaky Pods

Now that we’ve covered a number of reasons why pods can potentially leak, it’s time to explore the solutions available for leaky pods.

If you have a defective pod, it’s time to replace it.

If it turns out your pod is fine but your pod vape, the battery that powers the pod, is defective, then it’s time to replace the battery.

For defective vaping products, you may want to contact the company that sold you the device and request a replacement. In some cases, retailers may decline to provide a replacement and instead point you in the direction of the manufacturer. If the retailer that sold you the defective product is unwilling to replace it, then you should try reaching out to the manufacturer in order to request a replacement.

If your pod is leaking due to user error then it’s time to adjust your vaping habits. If you’re biting down on the mouthpiece, you should try to be more gentle while using your vape. If you’re accidentally squeezing your pods from the sides on causing them to leak, it’s time to start holding them correctly.

If you find yourself switching pods in and out while they still have e-juice in them so that you can vape a different pod, you may want to buy a second pod vape battery to use. The same can be said for vapers who vape their pod vapes in a manner that’s too aggressive. By adding a second pod vape into the mix, vapers can vape at the same rate but reduce the amount of time spent vaping with a single device by switching back and forth between devices.

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