Innokin Cool Fire Mod Review

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This product has been discontinued from sales and replaced with newer models.

The Innokin Cool Fire is an incredible mechanical mod that harnesses the power of variable wattage to give you huge clouds of vapor with each puff. The Cool Fire is built to 8.5 watts, a massive amount of power that will deliver a real punch.

Innokin designed the Cool Fire 1 to work with the iClear 30B clearomizers. This is a redesigned version of the iClear 30S with a new bottom dual coil setup. While you could theoretically use other clearomizers with this mod, the performance could suffer. It’s really best to stick with the iClear 30B if you want a match made in heaven.

One of the biggest benefits to this particular mod is the price. At around 50 bucks, you get the full setup including the iClear 30B. This mod uses a single 18350 battery. It is built with reverse battery circuit protection for safety. It has a nice LED display to show your battery levels and it has the customary 10-second safety cutoff.

For those that prefer a bulky vape, the Cool Fire might not be a great choice. It’s relatively small and you don’t have the option of using the 18650 batteries. Personally, I like the size of the Cool Fire and felt it was comfortable to hold and use. In terms of appearance, it’s really a good-looking setup. While it’s fairly simple, it is still attractive.

So far, I’ve had mediocre battery life from my Cool Fire. Granted, my 18350 batteries are well worn and have been recharged dozens of times, but I typically get about two hours of steady vaping before I need to stop and recharge. With that in mind, I recommend that you buy several batteries to keep on hand if you are a heavy vaper.

One of the best features of the Cool Fire is that it is a regulated mod, meaning it delivers a steady 8.5 watts of power the entire time you vape, even as your battery level gets low. This is a nice feature because you get consistent vapor without the waning performance that some mods give with declining battery charge.

Like the other Innokin devices, it’s a quick 3 clicks to turn it on and 3 clicks to turn it off. It’s fairly easy to use and it only took me a few minutes of fiddling with the controls to completely master it.

The only real drawback I’ve found to the Cool Fire is that you can’t adjust the wattage. It would have been nice if Innokin had included a dial to allow you to adjust the wattage to make it more customizable. But on the other hand, that would likely drive the price way up and the fact that this mod is so affordable is one of the biggest selling points.

Overall, the Innokin Cool Fire 1 is a great mod with regulated wattage output and incredible levels of vapor production. It’s a match made in heaven with the iClear 30B and it’s affordable to boot!

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