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This product has been discontinued from sales and replaced with newer models.

The Innokin MVP is one of the most well known box mods on the market. There was a lot of hype surrounding the updated MVP2 and it is just as great as the original version, with a few minor changes. There is a new button design, new connector, and a few tweaks to the appearance. In case this is your first encounter with the MVP, we’ll start with the basics.

The MVP2 is a box mod, meaning the body is made in a rectangular boxy design. On the top, you connect your cartomizer. This mod has a classic ego connection with 510 and ego cone threads. There is also another set of threads at the base of the connection for the included ring attachment. You would use this attachment if you opt for a tank and it gives you a little more customization when you need to adjust the airflow.

On the bottom side of the MVP2, there are several more connections. You have a standard micro USB port for charging as well as a regular USB port. This allows you to use the mod to charge external devices. This is a pretty neat feature and can actually come in really handy when your phone is about to die and you aren’t close to home to recharge. Just plug your phone into the mod and give it a quick reboot. Next to the ports, there is a slider switch where you can turn the power output on and off.

On the side of the MVP, you will see the screen and the adjustment buttons labeled P and U. The P button controls power to turn it on and off and the U button adjusts the voltage. If you press and hold either of the buttons, the screen will display the adjustment mode and you can click through to adjust the voltage from 3-6 and the wattage from 6-11.

The fire button was completely redesigned on the MVP2, which is a big improvement. On the original MVP, many people complained that the button stuck or just didn’t work. The new version has a much sturdier button that lights up to indicate the battery charge.

Now that we’ve covered the design of the MVP 2, let’s talk about how it vapes. I found that this mod provided a really consistent vape, with reliable variable voltage. Innokin includes the iClear 30 clearomizer with the MVP2 so you have a good set up from the jump. The two pair up nicely to produce big clouds of vapor that is consistent from the first puff to the last.

The battery charge on the MVP2 lasts all day, even for me when I tend to vape a lot throughout the work day. If you do run the battery down during the day, you can just plug it in with the USB port and use it as a pass through device so there is no interruption to your vaping while you recharge.

Ultimately, the Innokin MVP2 is a great upgrade from the original. With an improved fire button and passthrough charging options, it is definitely a mod I would recommend.

If you are shopping for a box mod that offers VV and VW, the MVP2 should be at the top of your list. It’s a solid competitor and while I don’t use it quite as often as the eLeaf iTaste, it is still one of my favorite mods.

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