Kanger EVOD Mega Review

Manufacturer: Kanger
Price: $34.99
Warranty: 2 Months
  • Low Price Point
  • All Inclusive Kit
  • Simple To Use
  • Limited Vapor Production
  • Limited Adjustments
Kanger EVOD Mega This is a great entry level kit for new Vapers that want to move up from cig-a-likes. Not for advanced Vapers.
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Kangertech products are well known in the vaping industry as providing affordable quality products. They’ve been around a long time and have a proven track record. Their devices cover a wide variety of levels of vaping from the introductory level to some of the most advanced units. They produce high-quality mods, starter kits, clearomizers, atomizers, and more. In this review we’re looking at the Kanger EVOD Mega Starter Kit which is an ideal choice for anyone new to mod-like devices. This gives you better vapor production than a cig-a-like but isn’t a huge cloud producing mod. It’s priced very reasonably and for that reason it’s one we had to look at for new Vapers.

The Kanger EVOD Mega Starter Kit is available for under $30 and comes with a 1900 mAh battery, a 2.5mL clearomizer (rated at 1.5 ohms), and a micro-USB charger. So it has everything you need to get started, except e-liquid of course. If you’re familiar with the Kanger EVOD kit, you’ll recognize most aspects of this device because it’s very similar but everything is bigger, hence the name Mega.

Buy the Kanger EVOD Mega

When we look at the two devices in depth, the differences are obvious and important to most Vapers. First the EVOD kit comes with 2 batteries but they are only 650mAh compared to the 1900mAh battery the Mega brings to the table. You definitely needed two batteries if the classic EVOD was going to be your all day vape whereas you only need the one battery with the EVOD Mega. The next big change was going from a single coil to a dual coil setup to give you double the vapor production and also a better flavor profile. The last big difference is the charging port was moved to the base on the Mega allowing it to be used as a Pass-Thru, aka you can use the device while charging it. So even though you have one battery, if you forgot to charge it at night, you can still use it when needed while charging it.

While some of the more advanced units can deliver interesting aspects like variable wattage and variable voltage, that is not what this unit does. This unit is made to be easy because it’s for entry level Vapers. If you don’t want to tweak your device endlessly while you learn about vaping and you just want to use this as an alternative to cigarettes to get started, it’s a great option. It’s not a bad thing, we just want to point out that you are getting a simple to use kit without a lot of variation but it works well at what it does.


The tank on the Kanger EVOD Mega is 2.5mL as we mentioned above. This should be enough to last most Vapers the day or days. That can obviously change based on how much you use the unit, but we do recommend you go with a lower nicotine level if you’re going to be vaping on this constantly to keep your nicotine levels down. The coils that come with the unit are rated at 1.5 Ohms and you can replace them with other coils too. We have seen 1.8 Ohms readily available and at times we have found a 0.8 Ohm replacement coil to bring the device into the realm of sub-ohming.

The tank and coil setup give the unit a nice amount of vapor productions and the flavor tastes as good as any other devices in this price range. While you can get amazing flavor with high end devices that cost as much as 10 times this, you get what you pay for and for the price, you’re getting good flavor. To get the best vapor production, you’re going to have to learn a little bit on how to draw the best for you. We find pulling with your cheeks slowly will give the best vaper production, but if you’re new to vaping, you’ll quickly learn that every Vaper had to go through the learning curve regarding vapor production. Don’t worry though because you’ll still get enough right away to satisfy your nicotine cravings but everyone wants to maximize their unit and get the best production they can out of it.

In all our experience using e-cigs in the past, we’ve had e-liquid go into our mouths more times than we’d like to admit. That was mostly early on back in 2009 and 2010 and mods weren’t available then, but you still get the occasional unit that will leak. We have not ever had a Kanger product leak for us though. So Kanger’s quality standards on this side of things is phenomenal. We’ve been using the Kanger EVOD Mega for weeks and haven’t had a single drop leak out of it or into our mouths. This is a big deal when you’re looking at lower priced products.

The only downside to the tank is filling it can require a little more precision than larger thanks, especially eye-dropped e-liquids. If you are careful though, this shouldn’t be a problem at all. Some people have complained that the drip tip can be a little loose but we didn’t notice that with the unit we had. This is also easily remedied if you want to replace it for a dollar or two with another one. So this shouldn’t be anything that holds you back from choosing this unit. Many Vapers actually choose to customize their e-cig with their favorite drip trip anyways.

You’ll also want to make sure you prime the coils while using this device as it will give you the best vaping experience from the beginning and avoid any dry hits. To do this, all you need to do is take a few draws without pushing the power button or you can simply put the liquid in and wait for a short time for it to soak in. While the waiting might be okay later on, we know when you get this that you’re going to want to use it right away, so the puff method is probably a good place to start.

We’ve mentioned the battery being a 1900mAh and we wanted to cover that a little more as well. While this is 3 times the size of the classic EVOD kit batteries, it does have the great design and look that you get with the EVOD kit in a larger size. The battery runs at 3.7 volts which is pretty standard for this class of vaporizer. The finish looks great and feels great. The production of the battery finish is top notch for the price. It feels smooth and it’s comfortable to hold. Like the classic EVOD, it’s color matching to the clearomizer and flows from top to bottom beautifully.

The power button is positioned perfectly to fit your hand and it’s easy to reach and hold during use. While the power cord is a bit short, you can use any micro-USB charging cable to charge it from the bottom and use it while charging too, which is a great feature. We tend to use our phone chargers to get the longer range while sitting at our desk.

The battery is threaded with a 510 connection so if for some reason you don’t like the clearomizer, you can find a replacement for a pretty good price. We feel that the clearomizer included is more than capable of performing to your desire though. To those new to vaping, the 510 connection has been the standard for a long time so this won’t be an odd connection to find a replacement for.

Overall, we love this device! The Kanger EVOD Mega is a best in class in our opinion. That’s not to say it’s the best unit out there by a long shot, but for entry level Vapers it is great. You also don’t have a lot of risk at around $30 for this entire starter kit. We do recommend you walk before you run with vaping, so if you are new to vaping, start with a device like this one. The box mods are great and blow massive clouds of vaper, but there is an inherent risk to them if you don’t know what you are doing when you get into building coils and matching components. You know everything in this kit was built to work together and it does that well. It also does it with ease for anyone new to vaping. This unit is also a great option for intermediate Vapers and some advanced Vapers looking for a travel kit that don’t want to bring their expensive mods and check them in or risk leaving them somewhere. So the Kanger EVOD Mega has earned ChurnMag’s seal of approval for the price range. Tell us what you think in the comments below to share the knowledge with others and be sure to check out our video review as well in 4K!

Buy the Kanger EVOD Mega

This is a great entry level kit for new Vapers that want to move up from cig-a-likes. Not for advanced Vapers.
  • Low Price Point
  • All Inclusive Kit
  • Simple To Use
  • Limited Vapor Production
  • Limited Adjustments






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Jimmy, lover, blogger, vaper and ex-smoker. I’ve been blogging about and supporting Vaping since 2009. They changed my life and I think history will show them as one of the most significant public health invention of the 21st century.

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33 Responses

  1. Lawal says:

    Thanks so much for this review…been trying to pick a Vaporizer because am just transitioning and I wanted to know the best out there that I could get…was considering the snoop dogg micro g pen or this evod mega…which do you think is better?

    • Jimmy Hafrey says:

      Hi Lawal,

      We’re actually going to be updating this review very soon to include a Video Review. I would recommend you go with the Kanger EVOD Mega over the snoop dogg micro G pen for sure.

  2. Joe says:

    Hello, my evod mega battery does not have the color changing led to show charge level. It is only white. Is that normal or and error in the review?

    • Dave says:

      I just purchased mine straight from Kanger and mine doesn’t change colors either, only white.

      • Nancy Durbin says:

        It shows up on the bottom while you are charging it. It starts out red and when charged changes to green. Very tiny light next to where you plug the charger in. We went back to the shop where we bought ours because we thought it was broken and the owner had to point it out to us lol.

        • Linda says:

          I thought the same but decided to charge it anyway and when I turned out the lights that’s when I saw a tiny little red dot. I have been cigarette free for 2 months (40 yr habit) and the mega is what kept me butt free. I still use it as a backup and when Im driving.

  3. Jimmy Hafrey says:

    Hey Guys,

    There was an error in this review. We apologize for that and will be fixing it very soon. The new video review is in production this week and we’re updating the text review and completely revamping it too. I’ve removed the part discussing the color changing LED already to ensure this is clear now.

  4. K Kork says:

    I have tried several starter kits, and then Iordered this one. I’m very glad I did. Great clouds of vapor, easy draw, and easy charging – Evod Mega has it all. I can’t imagine anything better or more satisfying. Sadly, I lost mine somewhere between home and work, so I’m back to order another one. I can’t wait for it to arrive!

  5. Jimmy Hafrey says:

    Hey Everyone, we have the correct and updated Kanger EVOD Mega review posted above now. Let’s hear your reviews for the Kanger EVOD Mega kit!

  6. John says:

    I really like the Kangertech EVOD Mega couple with the inexpensive SMOK GBCs. Easy and convenient, Good flavor and I change tanks for flavor of the moment. This is the setup that helped me quit smoking, as it has a good mouth to lung hit and feel. Just take a little time for juice wicking for best flavor and longer coil life.

  7. Susan Girling says:

    Hi I bought 2 Evod Megas back along and I love them sooo much I just bought 2 more as spares because of the stupid new vaping law that’s coming in May I think it is, These units are great for the money but I do have 1 question is it possible to fill them from the drip tip end because you only get half a tank from the coil end which I think is silly. Any thoughts on this guys ??.

  8. Andrew Tippman says:

    I bought this mod and had it for 20 DAYS when it broke.  I went to the retailer and they told me I needed to contact Kanger because it is a manufacture defect.  After a few weeks of going back and forth with the company(KANGER) on proof and videos of the issue they passed it back on to the retailer to deal with the manufacture defect.  They are not a company that stands by their products or for their customers.  I recommend to NEVER BUY A KANGER. The videos below shows are the issues I had:

    Battery not working after being fully charged


    Button malfunction that doesn’t allow the extra device to work.



    Worst customer service and Chinese CRAP!

    Individuals who did get a good one I am glad you like it and hope you will never need to deal with customer service

    • Jimmy Hafrey says:

      Andrew, sorry to hear that. I also want to point out that this isn’t the EVOD Mega to our readers. We do value your feedback and understand you are upset. While we don’t make vaping products, we do share the reviews of our users as well as our expert writers. We’ll take this into consideration when we do review the mod in question. Was the retailer in a store? The company you buy from ends up being just as important as the device being offered. Many vendors online have money back guarantees and we advise everyone to look at the return process before purchasing from a retailer online or in person. Thanks for sharing and sorry about your vape Andrew!

  9. François-Michael says:

    Really tried this one with .8 coils and it worked?… The battery is 3.7… It’s safe for sure? Because i’ve got that one and i’m wondering if Kangertech “SubOhming” is possible there…

  10. Anderson says:

    Hi Jimmy!

    Can I use the 0.8ohm on my EVOD Mega 1900mah? The main reason is to vaporizing a big big cloud (lol).

    I am thinking to buy this one:

    Thanks in advance!


  11. Crystal Morren says:

    I just bought my ecig which os KangerTech Top EVOD. Can you lay it down without it leaking? Mine is giving me issues and im not sure if its because i laid it down or what.

  12. Rich says:

    I bought one of these just 3 days ago to help me quit smoking and I love it. I got mine at a vape shop and the light on the back does change colors from red to green when it is charged.

  13. PJP88029 says:

    Great Review; thank you. Just bought one of these 5 days ago as a back up-sneak a vape device and working very well. Has the standard 1.5ohm Atomizer/Coil in it; think I’ll try the 1.2’s next time to see if that improves my preferred flavor [strong Cappuccino; 12mg]. Coil only lasting 2 days using it approx 1.5 hrs a day; replaced x 2 so far. Am going to see if giving a good cleaning & drying to the last Atty will render it re-usable & be able to get another 2 days out of it. Will let you know; if I remember.
    [1-2/ppd Marlboro Smoker Aug. 25 1969 through Aug 14 2016… 47 Years.
    Now 2+months Cig Free & Vaping about 4 hours a day on 12mg juices;
    down from 10hrs/day & 24mg juice!!]

    • PJP88029 says:

      Follow Up to my 10/22/16 Review: Returned to the Retail Store Seller on 10/28/16. Turns out it was not the Coils burning up too quickly; but it is the seating of the Battery in the battery housing [bottom half] of this device. She tried to lift the battery a bit so it would make better contact to fire the Coil/Atty; resulting in a minimal firing. Gave me a replacement bottom half; which; has been working well for producing good flavor & clouds w/my Cappuccino Juice for past 3 days. It is a 3.7 Volt device; which equals about 9.9 – 10.3 Watts; so this Evod Mega is good for strong tasting juices; but I wouldn’t recommend it for lighter flavored ones.

  14. Kill3rsmok3 says:

    Am I able to smoke dabs and/or shatter from my KangerTech evod mega?

    • Jimmy Hafrey says:

      While some consumers have modified their devices to do such a thing, it’s not without risk. We wouldn’t recommend doing so. What we would recommend if you want flexibility in mediums consumed with a vaporizer is looking at separate devices or perhaps this 3-in-1 kit that will allow you to use all the mediums in one device: https://www.churnmag.com/vaping-mod-reviews/v2-pro-series-3-in-1-vaporizers/. I’ve used this personally and love it and it is travel friendly as you can get new cartridges without it ever having products go through the device.

  15. karen says:

    My zip is 33830 where is a store near that I might purchase evod mega 1900 products? karen

    • Jimmy Hafrey says:

      Hi Karen, we deal with online vendors only which often result in substantial savings as you won’t be paying for overhead for storefronts that way. If you Google vape shops, they should show the ones in your area but I would call before going in as some may not stock this device as they tend to have the more expensive kits available in store rather than the lower cost ones for margins.

  16. Eli says:

    I’ve been though many different e-cigs and combinations of tanks and batteries. Most lasted a few months or maybe a little longer. My EVOD Mega has outlasted any other vape product I have owned, and my friends have been through multiple e-cigs in the time since I bought my EVOD Mega. I have dropped it so many times, I’m talking rolled off the table and landed tank first on the tile. This thing has never broken. Bent it, sat on it and popped the top off of the battery. Put it back on and it still works. If this thing ever dies I’m replacing it with another. Great product.

  17. David says:

    does this pen produce more flavors than other models

    • Jimmy Hafrey says:

      Being an entry level kit you’ll get a better flavor profile from more advanced devices with the best being dripping or RDTA type devices. You really get what you pay for in each device we would say.

  18. David says:

    I have a basic kanger tech pen and the flavor is really weak. I’m replacing it with the mega next week. I hope i’m not disapointed.

  19. JDM says:

    I love my Evod MEGA but I seem to be going through the 1.5 ohm coils pretty fast. Are there any non-Kanger coils that I could try in this device?

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