NextMind CT1 Review

Manufacturer: DirectVapor
Price: $39.99
Warranty: 1 Year
  • Compact Design
  • Thick Vapor Production
  • Refillable Pods
  • No Adjustments
NextMind CT1 The NextMind CT1 is a unique new mod that allows you the ultimate portability while also offering a strong punch. It has a refillable pod cartridge and is priced incredibly affordable.
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The NextMind CT1 is an innovative new pod-style vaporizer

The NextMind CT1 Vape Pod Starter Kit is a great product produced by NextMind, a promising up and comer in the world of vape manufacturing. With the NextMind CT1, NextMind has taken what the industry has learned about pod systems and stepped it up a few notches. This piece is ergonomically designed and well weighted which helps to create a satisfying vape experience. If you’re looking for a solid portable pen that has a few tricks up its sleeve, you’ll want to check this out.

The kit includes the NextMind CT1 Vaporizer, a 3.5ml pod-style tank, two advanced ceramic replacement coils that are graded respectively at 1.0 ohm and 1.2 ohms, a silicone tank fill port seal, and a micro USB charging cable. You get to select from two gorgeous color options; Jet Black, a beautiful matte black finish, or Dark Night, a glossier black/blue color. The last thing you get with this kit is peace of mind. Each NextMind CT1 comes with a user guide and a certificate of inspection. This inspection certificate proves that NextMind truly stands behind their quality products, which can be a real rarity these days.

What It Offers

Right off the bat, you can sense the quality of the product. Just the way it feels in your hand you can tell that the NextMind CT1 is a well-made machine. The classic design is simple, so while it doesn’t have a lot of flash and pizzaz, it does have plenty to offer. Its 650mAh battery provides twice the power of your traditional pod system, meaning it lasts longer and produces an excellently satisfying vapor. It has a max output of 17W and functions with a resistance as low as 1.0 ohm. The battery’s LED indicator lets you easily keep track of when you will need to charge again.

The feature that is possibly the most exciting is a first, not just for pod vapes, but vaporizers at large is the self-cleaning coil mode. By simply pressing a button you can have your coils cleaned automatically. This feature is such a magnificent time saver, and hopefully something we will see more of in newer devices. Both of the ceramic replacement coils included in the kit, as well as all of the NextMind brand replacement coils, work with the self-cleaning mode.

Another convenient feature is the dual firing. This allows you to choose between a button activation or a draw-only activation, which you can change depending on your mood or vape style. It’s a very convenient feature that ought to be implemented more often. That said it does take a longer time to draw then with some other devices, and also requires a harder pull. That said, it didn’t cause too much discomfort or take away too much from the experience, and some vapers prefer that kind of draw. Other aspects improved the overall experience, such as priming the coils. This was more comfortable than some similar vapes, and it only takes a few draws before you are at maximum potential.

Primary Takeaways

NextMind’s CT1 is an impressively designed vape, that really aims to push the medium. That said, it is not perfect for everyone, so we’ll review some of the pros and cons, so you have a better sense of the device.

I cannot avoid starting the pros list with the self-cleaning coil mode. Any vaper will tell you that this is really a gift and a big win for NextMind and their team of innovators. While it does take a little bit to figure out, this feature can extend the life of your coils by days, or maybe even weeks depending on how frequently you vape. If you are on a budget, or just looking to get the most out of your money, then this feature is definitely a boon.

Another positive is that it functions with nicotine salt style e-liquid. These high-quality juices offer a robust, flavorful experience, but versatile devices that support them are hard to find. With this device, you can vape any e-liquid you choose, not just the manufacturer’s brands. That is a significant advantage that brands like Juul currently lack. NextMind really shows here that you can keep your freedom of variety and variation while still enjoying the flavor and mouthfeel that you only experience with nicotine salts.


Starting out I thought that the NextMind CT1 Vape Pod Starter Kit would be like most other kits, offering an adequate but still average experience. I was quickly surprised, as the advancements and innovation they have packed into this small package speak for themselves. It may not have the most eye-catching design, but it doesn’t need that kind of flash with the quality it offers. The vapor produced is satisfying and consistent. While I don’t particularly enjoy the hard pull, that did not deter from the other aspects of the vaporizer. The self-cleaning coils alone would have sold me. NextMind has created a fantastic product, and it is clear they stand behind it. The CT1 is an excellent option for anyone looking for a portable pod style vape, and particularly for those who want a consistent, clean vape.


The NextMind CT1 is a unique new mod that allows you the ultimate portability while also offering a strong punch. It has a refillable pod cartridge and is priced incredibly affordable.
  • Compact Design
  • Thick Vapor Production
  • Refillable Pods
  • No Adjustments






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