Provari P3 Review

Provari P3 Review 0

This product has been discontinued from sales and replaced with newer models.

Provari has a long standing reputation for creating some of the best APV’s on the market, but they really took things to a whole new level with the introduction of the Provari P3. Although it costs a good bit more than some other mods, you are getting a far superior vape and a beautiful, sleek design that really makes other mods look wimpy in comparison.

First Impressions

From the moment I received my Provari P3, it was obvious that this mod is unlike its predecessors. It’s packaged beautifully and the design is sleek and modern. You can use the P3 with three battery sizes: 18350, 18500, and the 18650. It includes extension collars to make the various battery sizes compatible. As far as size goes, the Provari P3 feels much smaller than the Provari Mini, but it has much more power and improved performance.

How It Works

In terms of performance, Provari made big strides with the P3. While I enjoyed the previous Provari Classic and Mini designs, the P3 makes some notable improvements. One of the most obvious changes is that the P3 replaces the old beveled style top with a flatter design that looks much better. It also makes tanks feel more secure and gives you greater versatility. If you want to use ego tops, you can just add on an ego adapter that is available for purchase separately from the P3 starter kit.

Another big change is with the screen display. While the previous models had really bright displays, the Provari P3 has several different settings where you can adjust the brightness so that it’s more comfortable and easier to read. The menu system is also new and you can navigate the settings by pressing a single button.

The P3 offers both variable voltage and variable wattage with a range from 2.9-6 volts and 3-20 watts. There is also a nice battery meter to help you monitor your battery charge at a quick glance. One of the best features is a new “HotShot” function that allows you to quickly boost the power settings up a notch when you want some extra power without waiting for the coils to heat up.

In terms of performance, the Provari P3 has excellent vapor production and it seems to offer more reliable puffs than other Provari devices I’ve used in the past.

Final Thoughts

With great vapor and enough power to really make flavors shine, this is definitely one of the best mods I’ve ever tried. Sure, it’s expensive, but it’s well worth the price tag to get this kind of quality vape and high tech design. If you want the best, I would recommend Provari P3 without any hesitation.

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